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Premier League 2018/19

Discussion in 'The Away End' started by RajahRar, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. RajahRar

    RajahRar Pretty cool guy, for a Scouser.

    Mar 11, 2014
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    Here we go. 38 games. Everyone starts at zero. It's that hope and expectation we're all in it for. Even with City doing crazy 3 digits last season.

    World Cup summers and the seasons that follow are always 'difficult'. Limited pre-seasons can lead to weird tables come October with big clubs dropping points. Not sure if this season will see similar but with two of the 'big 6' sporting new managers you'd be hard pressed to find many saying the top 4 won't stay this same for a second season in a row.

    Ordered by last seasons placings...

    Man City
    Clear favourites simply because of the depth of that squad and the 100-pointer. But they are fallible. I maintain that if more clubs emulate Liverpool and United and have a go at them then it will reap dividends. Sure many of those that have a go will get twatted, but surely a season like last year can't happen twice?

    No team has won back to back titles in 10 years but it's there's to lose at the start.

    Man Utd
    Despite many fans having issues with both the style of play and the general attitude of the former special one, 81 points last time out was not to be sniffed at. On paper, there is a real side there, but under Mourinho they too often seem like a gang of misfits. If they can make it click and City suffer a hangover then you can't rule them out. Barring a Mourinho implosion (which I wouldn't discount completely given his pre-season comments), they are a shoe-in for top 4 at the very least. They've got a favourable opening few fixtures which may help to keep the boo boys away.

    They've held onto their top players (unless the rumours about Kane to United/Real turn out to be true), but they start with 4 away games before they open their new stadium, at home to Liverpool. You can't discount them, but with limited investment this summer and a very difficult wage structure you wonder how long they can keep going at this level. I still think they'll finish top 4, but only because Chelsea and Arsenal will be works in progress under new managers.

    For the first time in a very long time, Liverpool have been the big spenders this summer. They've splashed the Coutinho cash and rather than in previous years when it has been for tier 2 players, they've gone for some of the top talent out there. I'd argue we've got the best spine we've had since the Rafa years, but questions still need to be asked about squad depth. Pre-season they've looked hungry, but will it continue into a favourable opening few games? I'd expect certainly a top 4 finish, but whether they can take a further step will depend on keeping the top players fit

    Arsenal and Chelsea
    Yes, Chelsea have brought new managers in and won titles instantly, but I don't feel it this year. Abramovic has definitely cut down on his investing and they have a number of players that could do with replacing. For Arsenal it's surely a rebuilding year under a new man for the first time in 20 years.

    I'll have a think about the best of the rest and relegation later, but right now it feels that this season will be similar to recent in that the 3 teams to go down could be any from a list of about 10.

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