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Mourinho not out? (And other unrelated stuff)

Discussion in 'The Stretford End' started by ciderman9000000, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. gasman

    gasman Mr Whippy

    Feb 23, 2014
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    It was right at the time of writing, he had started to turn the corner. Started to look like a team United. It was only a bit later on that it became apparent that the team choices (the ones everyone wanted) were being made because his generals, Lukaku and shit like Fellaini, were injured. He looks like he’s trying his best to get sacked again.
    Do you think it a surprise that with his useless lumps and ageing fullbacks left out that we looked impressive again last night?

    Benitez was/is still shit, he’s currently manager of Newcastle because that’s his level. He was sharply shown the exit by any club with any ambition (which is why you lot kept him so long). His squad turnover buying pools of prospective talents to develop and the sell on (aka your transfer policy) was one of the highest I can remember from any club bar Southampterpool. He spent vast amounts of money at Liverpool and his only real success came with someone else’s squad and let’s face “facts” that was an absolute fluke. Stop with the dribbling all over him, it’s as embarrassing now as it was then.

    See above, a normal perspective, Mourinho is fucking about with United, seemingly taking pot shots at the board with ridiculous team selections and it’s affecting results.
    I recognise it because I’m not weighed down by the blind faith that hampers your thinking.

    Also, 18 points at this stage is a ridiculous margin but can you honestly say that you’ve not seen the most tremendous amount of luck that you’ve ever seen in your life from one team. The Pickford error on Sunday was just another one in a long line of gifts that you’ve been handed all season.

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