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Sunday 23 October, 2016, 4:00pm Live On Sky Sports 1 I have a feeling Jose's name will be sung around the stadium by the end of this one... but it won't be from the United support. Prediction: Chelsea 2-0 United Not a happy homecoming For Mourinho. Please convince me otherwise!
The Caribbean Cup qualifiers had a game in 1994 that didn't go quite to the normal plan. I couldn't find any footage unfortunately but if someone could it would be amazing. I'll just paste it from the Wikipedia article... .... On January 27, 1994, the Barbados national football team and Grenada national football team played against each other as part of the qualification round for the 1994 Caribbean Cup. Due to an unusual scoring rule, as well as the two teams' respective positions in the tournament, it was alternately in Barbados's, then Grenada's, best interest to score an own goal. The result has been described as "one of the strangest football matches ever". The organizers of the tournament imposed a rule requiring all matches to have a winner and had chosen an unusual variant of the golden goal rule, which meant that the first goal scored in extra-time not only won the match, but also counted as double. The final score was 4−2, but only one goal was scored after the regular 90 minutes because of the rule. Barbados started the match needing to win by a margin of at least two goals to qualify for the final tournament. When Grenada scored late on in normal time to bring the scoreline to 2−1, Barbados deliberately scored an own goal to force extra-time, where they could get the two-goal winning margin they needed thanks to the unconventional golden goal rule. The match started off routinely, and Barbados scored two goals, establishing the two-goal winning margin they needed. In the 83rd minute, however, the game changed when Grenada scored a goal. This late goal would take Grenada through to the finals unless Barbados could score again. Barbados attempted to score for the next few minutes, but because they were unable to, they switched to an alternate strategy, of tying up the game so that they could try to achieve the two-goal margin in extra-time. In the 87th minute they stopped attacking, and the defender Terry Sealey and the goalkeeper Horace Stoute...
Thurs Oct 20th 8:05 pm kick off. I honestly think Ibra could do with sitting this one out. Let Rashers or Martial lead the line. Ibra has played the full 90 min in each game he started and he needs a game to miss out on as he has missed some sitters recently. Just to give him a slight kick up the backside. The team I'd play, if I were Mou: DdG Shaw Smalling Bailly Valencia (or Fosu-Mensah) Herrera (or Blind / Carrick / Basti) Morgan Pogba Memphis (or Rashers if Martial is upfront and vice versa) Martial (or Rashers) Miki
Man Utd have the most expensive current squad ever assembled, while 9 out of the top 20 squads worldwide are in the PL. The research is based on transfer fees and wage expenditure. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/oct/03/manchester-united-squad-most-expensive-history 1 - Man Utd (€718m) 2 - Real Madrid (€634m) 3 - Man City (€611m) 4 - Barcelona (€485m) 5 - Chelsea (€481m) 6 - PSG (€455m) 7 - Juventus (€395m) 8 - Arsenal (€381m) 9 - Bayern (€357m) 10 - Liverpool (€356m) 12 - Spurs (€274m) 14 - Everton (€212m) 19 - West Ham (€196m) 20 - Southampton (€182m) Nothing too surprising in this (aside from the sheer amount of money involved). The teams spending the most (the top 10) are the teams that have the highest revenues. Same 10, only different order. And these clubs still can't reduce their ticket prices for fans.
Sometimes i've wanted to know/say something football related but the question or observation doesn't really warrant a thread of it's own, so thats the kind of thread this is. Doesn't have to be United stuff either. I was just watching the Bobby Charlton 60th Anniversary special on MUTV. He has always been my favourite player, i can still recall watching him on our old black and white telly in the sixties. I was really surprized that the special wasn't more 'special.' Really small audience and Bobby not being there, although i'd imagine he gets sick of all the accolades sometimes. It looked more like it was filmed in someone's old double-garage or something! I was pissed off at the audience and some of their questions. Some weren't about Bobby at all and they were so predictable too. One of the ex-players [i've forgotten who he is] ended up talking much more than the other two, plus he was chewing the whole time. I've got a thing about chewing, especially when the person is on camera. To me its really rude and repulsive, i cannot stand it. It's just like talking with your mouth full, disgusting. Actually you see a lot of older people doing that, don't you? Plus of course those bloody Americans are born chewing gum! I forget the name[again] of someone who was speaking about Bobby, i think he's probably background staff? Anyway he's going on about how Bobby is the best player to come out of England[I'd of said Britain] then says he'd be in the top 20 best players ever. Top 20! Saying that means he thinks Bobby is number 20 or 19 or something. What an insult. He said he wasn't as good as Pele or even Messi! I know most of you will probably agree, but it's bollocks! Pele was Brazillian so therefore he is sexy, cool, and must be the best ever. Same with Maradonna and Messi. If a player is from Sth America then he automatically is better than any pommie player coz English players with their pale skin aren't cool or sexy. Bobby definitely couldn't be cool owing to...