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As in thread title, good to keep up on current affairs.
Another month of football and another list of candidates for manager of the month. Mourinho Guardiola Wagner Pulis Klopp A thread about managers, wonder how long this will take lol
A top signing - can see him and Tony V forming a formidable partnership on the RW. Maybe he can teach Tony how to cross as well.
Shocking news. Just shocking. That's what happens when you hire rent boys.
PLEASE READ Content Curator
OK looking at the recent thread http://unitedreds.net/index.php?threads/united-reds-need-re-uniting.3757/ then one of the improvements could be a curator for content on the site. This will only be max 1-3 post per week about anything football related (doesnt have to be about United either). I can provide the perms to be able to post sliders and feature related content on the home page. So, literally no more than 20-30 minutes per week depending on how creative you want to be. This will help to promote the site with new content and keep it current and thus make it more lucrative to any prospective visitors. Any takers?