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Venue: Emptihad Date: Thursday 30th April Time: 20:00 Only one point behind going into this so the game takes on EVEN more significance. Absolutely shitting myself. I'll be at this one watch out for the red flares :keano: :keano:
Premier League Sunday, 23 April, 14:15 Turf Moor, Burnley Burnley FC vs Man United​
http://www.skysports.com/roi Shocked to hear that he died. Very sad indeed. Always liked him as a player. RIP - far too young to die.
This is the first one for summer 2017 that I've seen that I'm confident of happening. Here's his performance for England Vs Germany. He shows some really nice composure, great range of passing and looks solid as hell at the back against top opposition. The passes on 1 minute and 1.40 especially I liked. The reports if to be believed are that United as per usual hadn't the foresight to put in a buy back clause in one of the many talented footballers we sold despite it being standard practice on the continent for decades now. We have though apparently put in a 20/25% sell on clause that we are supposed to be willing to wave if Burnley deal with us. They are valuing him north of £20m which is probably fair enough, we sold him 3 years ago for £3m. He's in the last year of his contract from the end of the summer and was supposedly at OT for the game on Sunday.