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Sunday, 15 January 2017, 16:00 Sky Sports 1 I couldn't wait any longer to start this thread. This is possibly our most pivotal game of the season. Win and it validates the streak. Lose and... nevermind that. We can't possibly be as defensive as we were at Anfield so I'm expecting a better game. Hopefully something like we saw against Spurs and Arsenal (less the last 5-10 minutes) and not like earlier in the season against City and Chelsea. I'm usually confident to have a crack at the score but I can't call this one. What do we think?
Man United vs Hull City Football League Cup Semi-final, Game 1 Today, 20:00 Old Trafford​
For United it's been a bit... Which I guess is indicitive of how we've been playing lately that there's no huge saga's being generated. The real long term targets won't be coming till the summer (Griezman hopefully) so we really don't need much here. I think I'd like some cover at full back or competition for Valencia. Coleman would be a great addition and gettable as part of the Morgan deal. Also if Morgan does leave then we need another body in midfield imo. Schweinsteiger is frozen out and Fellaini can't be relied upon if one of the current midfield 3 can't play for any more than a game or two.
Saturday 7th January 2017 FA CUP - THIRD ROUND Old Trafford​
It's on now you cunts.