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Started 15 minutes ago, Playing with a bunch of OAPS and Rooney still looks out of place.
Thoughts are with the families of the 39 victims of the Heysel stadium disaster. 32 Italians, 4 Belgians, 2 French and 1 Northern Irish. They went to a football match and faced a horror unimaginable to us now. I know the pain will never truly go away for those families, but the victims lasting legacy is that we all now have a safe environment for all of us to attend matches, to take our families and to enjoy the sport we all love so much. RIP to the 39. Rocco Acerra Bruno Balli Alfons Bos Giancarlo Bruschera Andrea Casula Giovanni Casula Nino Cerullo Willy Chielens Giuseppina Conti Dirk Daenecky Dionisio Fabbro Jacques François Eugenio Gagliano Francesco Galli Giancarlo Gonnelli Alberto Guarini Giovacchino Landini Roberto Lorentini Barbara Lusci Franco Martelli Loris Messore Gianni Mastrolaco Sergio Bastino Mazzino Luciano Rocco Papaluca Luigi Pidone Bento Pistolato Patrick Radcliffe Domenico Ragazzi Antonio Ragnanese Claude Robert Mario Ronchi Domenico Russo Tarcisio Salvi Gianfranco Sarto Giuseppe Spalaore Mario Spanu Tarcisio Venturin Jean Michel Walla Claudio Zavaroni
We're technically the away side for this, but fuck that, it's a neutral ground so our name is going up first. We'll win this, won't we? Shit match day thread, but I doubt anyone will post much in it anyway, so there we go.