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Here we go. 38 games. Everyone starts at zero. It's that hope and expectation we're all in it for. Even with City doing crazy 3 digits last season. World Cup summers and the seasons that follow are always 'difficult'. Limited pre-seasons can lead to weird tables come October with big clubs dropping points. Not sure if this season will see similar but with two of the 'big 6' sporting new managers you'd be hard pressed to find many saying the top 4 won't stay this same for a second season in a row. Ordered by last seasons placings... Man City Clear favourites simply because of the depth of that squad and the 100-pointer. But they are fallible. I maintain that if more clubs emulate Liverpool and United and have a go at them then it will reap dividends. Sure many of those that have a go will get twatted, but surely a season like last year can't happen twice? No team has won back to back titles in 10 years but it's there's to lose at the start. Man Utd Despite many fans having issues with both the style of play and the general attitude of the former special one, 81 points last time out was not to be sniffed at. On paper, there is a real side there, but under Mourinho they too often seem like a gang of misfits. If they can make it click and City suffer a hangover then you can't rule them out. Barring a Mourinho implosion (which I wouldn't discount completely given his pre-season comments), they are a shoe-in for top 4 at the very least. They've got a favourable opening few fixtures which may help to keep the boo boys away. Spurs They've held onto their top players (unless the rumours about Kane to United/Real turn out to be true), but they start with 4 away games before they open their new stadium, at home to Liverpool. You can't discount them, but with limited investment this summer and a very difficult wage structure you wonder how long they can keep going at this level. I still think they'll finish top 4, but only because Chelsea and Arsenal will be works in...
He has passed his medical, apparently. Small, dynamic player to add some energy to United's midfield. Only 134 league appearances to his name so far, so the five year contract won't see him too leggy before he leaves. Will be the 7th Brazilian to join us.
Thoughts are with the families of the 39 victims of the Heysel stadium disaster. 32 Italians, 4 Belgians, 2 French and 1 Northern Irish who went to a football match and didn't return. RIP to the 39. Rocco Acerra Bruno Balli Alfons Bos Giancarlo Bruschera Andrea Casula Giovanni Casula Nino Cerullo Willy Chielens Giuseppina Conti Dirk Daenecky Dionisio Fabbro Jacques François Eugenio Gagliano Francesco Galli Giancarlo Gonnelli Alberto Guarini Giovacchino Landini Roberto Lorentini Barbara Lusci Franco Martelli Loris Messore Gianni Mastrolaco Sergio Bastino Mazzino Luciano Rocco Papaluca Luigi Pidone Bento Pistolato Patrick Radcliffe Domenico Ragazzi Antonio Ragnanese Claude Robert Mario Ronchi Domenico Russo Tarcisio Salvi Gianfranco Sarto Giuseppe Spalaore Mario Spanu Tarcisio Venturin Jean Michel Walla Claudio Zavaroni It shouldn't have taken sacrifices like theirs to finally get those in charge to work to provide an environment truly safe enough to take your children to, but it did. Never forgotten. RIP the 39.
Football. Bloody hell. A record-breaking season in which all three promoted sides stayed up and Man City owned the PL despite losing three times to an Egyptian inspired Liverpool and at home to a Man Utd side pilloried by their former players yet finished 2nd on over 80 points for the first time since the days of Alex Ferguson. Man City - 1st It's impossible not to be impressed at the performance of Guardiola's team this season. Sure they have spent a fortune, but they've been doing that for years now and haven't come close to this kind of dominance. 100 points is ludicrous in such a competitive league and I find it hard to imagine they can replicate it again. But that first half of the season in which they won 18 and drew 1 (at home to a shite Everton of all teams) was unprecedented. And even though the second half of the season saw them dumped out of two trophies and lose to both Man Utd and Liverpool, they still took 45 points. Not too shabby. As a one-off season, it's certainly the greatest in the history of the English top flight. Can they now win it again and again and claim to be one of the great teams? Man Utd - 2nd I'm no fan of Jose Mourinho, but he gets results. He will divide fans at Man Utd, but he won two trophies last season and is on course for another this time out as well. A 2nd place finish and an 81 point haul are what he will bring. His detractors will say he's been overtaken by the new attacking managers, but yet he still gets results. And those people should remember that Man Utd started this season with back to back 4-0 wins and a real attacking flair. Lukaku was the perfect signing too. They struggled against the lower teams last season, but in Lukaku they more than solved that problem. I tipped them for the title this season, mainly due to the money spent and that Mourinho tends to win titles in his second seasons. They may not have managed it, but with City on the form they were, that's no surprise. Tottenham...