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Some thoughts on this, though iczster will be able to provide more detail on today's. From what I can gather, it wasn't as good today as it was against Sociedad. That's not to say it was unnsuccessful but there are a few dissenters. A few reasons why that might be:
  1. People moved there who didn't want to be moved in the first place, purely out of defiance. People weren't going to be dictated to on where they can and can't sit when they've had a season ticket there for years. Cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  2. There were more people. In a way this can act against it. For the Sociedad game I was pretty much in the middle of it all and very rarely were there two songs going at the same time. Anyone who's been in tier two of the Stretty or to an away with a spread-out end will know that this happens regularly. I imagine that with twice as many people, different songs will have been going at different times, though this shouldn't have had too much of an impact.
  3. People's expectations will have been too high. No one had a bad word to say about the singing section last time (except those conveniently not in it) so naturally people who weren't there might've expected something totally revolutionary, when in reality it's more like being in a condensed version of the Stretty.
  4. The game itself. We were against bottom of the league on a Sunday (though that didn't have an impact against Sociedad), and to top it off we were losing for most of the game. Typically we're at our loudest when we're behind but this seemed different. It didn't sound quite as rapturous and I'd say that was because we still expected a win (I certainly did anyway). Against Sociedad it was almost like a party atmosphere. Less of that today.
  5. Our opponents. Against Sociedad there was a march to the ground, where we went past all their fans, then when we got in there were thousands of them up in East tier 2 and with us expecting them to be loud we knew we had to be louder. We...
So, football experts of United Reds. What do we need in this transfer windows to put right the huge wrongs of this season? Major overhaul? Minor tinkering? Let's hear the ins and outs you feel are necessary, be it named players or positions we need strengthened.
This thread is to share your Old Trafford experiences whether it be match reports, any photos or videos. Just like the away day thread it should be a good source of information for people.
It's starting to take shape now and after the last week I think has shown how it's going to look come the end of the season. The only difference between the table now and at the end of the season for the top four is that City will leapfrog Arsenal. Chelsea City Arsenal Liverpool
I think I am not on my own when I say modern day football has brought a lot of benefits. What with more TV coverage and better stadia. Personally, I'm not missing the tales of getting pissed on and having the shit kicked out of you like in the "good old" days. Not my idea of a day out to support your team. However, having said that what irks you about the modern day game or footballer? I'll start and its this. Socks above the fucking knees, I could never see Bestie or Charlton doing this. Don't hold back :moon: