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Saw this feature on joe.ie 29 good reasons to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday
The hard part was narrowing it down to 29 to be honest. Happy birthday Cristiano. As far as footballers’ birthdays are concerned, you’d be hard pressed to find a better day than February 5. Carlos Tevez, Neymar, Gheorge Hagi and Adnan Januzaj are all a year older today but all of them have to play second fiddle to Cristiano Ronaldo, who was born in Madeira on this day 29 years ago. With over 400 goals in his career to date and undisputed status as the best player in the world alongside Lionel Messi, Ronaldo has any amount of career highlights that we could have picked out on his special day, but we’ve trotted through the archives to pick one for every year he’s been alive to date. Happy Birthday Cristiano. 1. His explosive Manchester United debut 2. Crucial solo goal v Fulham, 2007 3. Unbelievably brave header v Roma, Champions League quarter-final, 2007 4. Cheeky back-heel v Aston Villa, 2008 5. Free-kick v Portsmouth 2008
What a total joke. Win the league cup last year with a club like Swansea on a shoestring whilst playing football the envy of much bigger clubs and get sacked after a bad half season. Football has gone mad.
Hard to glean too much from YouTube Video's so I'll try to catch a couple of Sporting games soon to see if he's any use. Seems to be a good reader of the game who positions himself well, nice and aggressive, athletic and comfortable enough on the ball from what little I've seen. If it's true we've watched him 8 times then it would make you think we're pretty serious about him.
So then lads, as straightforward as it seems? Mourinho to keep it tight, City to squeeze through with a 1-0? Only way I can see it going. Come on Chelsea!
Thread for general discussion about our favourite oppo clubs from the prem and further afield. If anyone wants they can make a club specific thread but this one can do for general chat about them.