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Yet more unambigious and amiable posts from our friends down the M62.
22nd February, Saturday 1245: Chelsea vs Everton 1500: Arsenal vs Sunderland 1500: Cardiff vs Hull City 1500: Man City vs Stoke City 1500: West Brom vs Fulham 1500: West Ham vs Southampton 23rd February, Sunday 1330: Liverpool vs Swansea 1330: Newcastle vs Aston Villa 1600: Norwich vs Spurs
Rumours starting to circulate a bit more that United are looking seriously at Alex Song, however with rumours being what they are I've read everything from us telling Barca to name their price for him and us possible getting him for as little as £10m. For me he's a strong player and would be undoubtedly an asset for us, but is he the one you'd want to see us getting as our defensive midfielder? He's adaptable which is a strong suit and we know he can play in England.
Would you want him at United?
No competitive games this year till September and a long boring soccer summer make this a crap year for Irish international football. A lot of work to be done by MonKeano to get the squad parsed and ready for the Euros qualifiers. Here's the first squad for the game against Serbia on March 5th. Squad: Forde, Randolph, Elliott; Keogh, Wilson, Coleman, O’Shea, Pearce, Kelly, Delaney, Dunne, McCarthy, Clark, Ward, Whelan, Green, Reid, McGeady, Pilkington, McClean, Quinn, Meyler, Hoolahan, Long, Murphy, Walters, Doyle, Stokes, Cox. Still a few players that shouldn't be within an asses roar of an international team.