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No competitive games this year till September and a long boring soccer summer make this a crap year for Irish international football. A lot of work to be done by MonKeano to get the squad parsed and ready for the Euros qualifiers. Here's the first squad for the game against Serbia on March 5th. Squad: Forde, Randolph, Elliott; Keogh, Wilson, Coleman, O’Shea, Pearce, Kelly, Delaney, Dunne, McCarthy, Clark, Ward, Whelan, Green, Reid, McGeady, Pilkington, McClean, Quinn, Meyler, Hoolahan, Long, Murphy, Walters, Doyle, Stokes, Cox. Still a few players that shouldn't be within an asses roar of an international team.
What a fucking idiot. Reckons Arsenal should play a weakened team in the second leg against Bayern, and basically throw the tie, so they can concentrate on other competitions. Was basically laughed off the Sky Sports panel by Redknapp and Ballack. What a losers mentality, and if Redknapp thinks you're talking shite, and proceeds to talk more sense that you, then you probably need to take a look at yourself. What a terrible addition he is. He really does come across as completely clueless most of the time.
A lot of 'Johnny-come-latelies' over on RC right now wanking about Kroos, despite the fact that some of us were raving about him a good eighteen months and being laughed out of the place for it. One of the reasons I found the site so annoying (at times) to be honest; far too much reactionary bullshit to whomever was the latest 'flavour of the month'. Anyway, I digress... Kroos was majestic tonight, wasn't he? My favourite central-midfielder in the world at present; he's been incredible all season long for both club and country. I cannot believe Bayern are actually making him sweat for his new contract. He should be tied down and given whatever he wants. He gave Wilshere an absolute masterclass in central midfield play tonight. He's the midfielder that Wilshere thinks he is, to be perfectly honest. The closest thing to Paul Scholes I've seen.
Any debate? Maybe a shout could be made for Scholes in for Kaka??
Not a brilliant source, but the story remains the same regardless. Will possibly be the biggest transfer tug of war this summer between British teams.
Would be a fantastic replacement for Evra and although it looks a lot of cash for a FB it could see us sorted in that difficult LB position for 10+ seasons.