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Any debate? Maybe a shout could be made for Scholes in for Kaka??
Not a brilliant source, but the story remains the same regardless. Will possibly be the biggest transfer tug of war this summer between British teams.
Would be a fantastic replacement for Evra and although it looks a lot of cash for a FB it could see us sorted in that difficult LB position for 10+ seasons.
'Massive' game at the Emptihad tonight. Huge test for both clubs for differing reasons. City under pressure to show their £1 billion investment belongs at the top table, and Barcelona under pressure to eradicate the memories of last season's mauling at the hands of Bayern. Fascinating game in store.
Following on from Manuel Pellegrini's comments yesterday about City now being the biggest club in Manchester, I just thought I'd leave this here: Forever in our shadow.
Sorry but couldnt help myself as of how much I dont like Unites nickname as the REDS. Isnt that Pools nickname? I like red devils, red army, but simply reds makes me think of Liverpool. Chelsea are regarded sometimes as the blues if I remember corectly, are everton as well regarded?