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With over half of the la liga season gone, the match between Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid. If Real Madrid win, then they will be six points ahead of Barcelona and Athletico Madrid having played a game more than Barcelona at the moment.
SAT 1 MAR 2014 - PREMIER LEAGUE Everton v West Ham - 15:00 Fulham v Chelsea - 15:00 Hull v Newcastle - 15:00 Stoke v Arsenal - 15:00 Southampton v Liverpool - 17:30 SUN 2 MAR 2014 - PREMIER LEAGUE Aston Villa v Norwich - 16:30 Swansea v Crystal Palace - 16:30 Tottenham v Cardiff - 16:30
Sepp Blatter hints at 2015 Fifa presidency run. President Sepp Blatter says he will reverse his decision to stand down and instead run for another term from 2015 if Fifa members ask him to. Blatter, who has worked for Fifa for 38 years, made his comments the day after speaking out against the International Olympic Committee's age limits for members. In the wake of evidence that members were bribed to award the 2002 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City, the IOC brought in new rules that all members retire by 70. If, like Blatter, they were in post before the regulations changed, they can remain until 80. "We at Fifa concluded that imposing an age limit is an act of discrimination," Blatter told an IOC audience in Sochi. "What needs to be changed can be done in a democratic way." What a grade A cunt this guy is (and I am not talking about our very own United Reds version). One dodgy fucker feathering his own nest. How the fuck he can be in charge of the global game for so long as beyond me? Anybody on here think he is worthy of the position, moving on the global game we all love and is irreplaceable?
He's confirmed on his instagram, that he's joining Barcelona at the end of the season.