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Just caught the end of the Spurs game and was surprised at how well Jermaine Jenas came across. Seems like a natural. So, on the back of that I've been inspired to create this thread for all things pundit related. Post away.
If you fancy a punt on the outright winner, then you need to get in quick, the odds are shortening on the top teams all the time. On Sky bet Bayern are now favourites at 15/8, Barca are just behind at 7/2, Real can now be had as a 4/1 shot, which must be worth a fiver. Of the two English clubs left in, Chelsea are 12/1, and United are 40/1. If you want to waste a fiver you can get Olympiacos 150/1 or Galatasaray at 300/1
I actually created a thread in your introductions forum, but in case it doesn't get seen, forgive me for posting in here as well: http://unitedreds.net/threads/liverpool-supporter-looking-for-your-views.435/
well okay, Gareth Crooks team of the week. Every single week it seems to me that this fella is stealing a living from the British TV license payers. His analysis is always terrible and his team of the week each week is only really good for a laugh. Here he's got 4 United players which is nice, but he's got Jones picked in a position he didn't play in and he picked Carrick over Fellaini.
So lets have your weird, unknown, whacky or trivial football facts. Ill start
Ill try and throw some questions up next.