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After @drdre made the thread about the best dives it got me thinking about the worst tackles. Obviously the one that will spring to the front of most peoples minds is Keane on Haaland. But for me Souness on an Aberdeen player was as brutal as they come... and to think he only got a yellow for this!
Schweiny and Pep might think Rooney's dive was bad but nothing compared to some of these...
Spanish champions Barcelona have been given a 14-month transfer ban by Fifa for breaking rules on signing international players under 18. The Catalan club cannot buy or sell players until the summer of 2015 after the world governing body imposed a transfer ban for the next two windows. They have also been fined 450,000 Swiss Francs (£305,000). Fifa has also sanctioned the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for the same breaches. The RFEF has been given a fine of 500,000 Swiss Francs (£340,000) and told to "regularise [its] regulatory framework and existing system concerning the international transfer of minors in football" within a year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Major punishment for Barca and that really fucks them up. TBF it's deserved given all their dealings lately.
The 2000 is a rough figure, I'll take players at their best a few years before and after that. Also worth mentioning that I was only 7 at the time, so most of my impression of them is stuff I've read and seen, rather than watching them extensively at the time, so if I'm off with a few of these feel free to put me right. If you were to get two or three players for each position for those years, what would the sides look like, and whose is the best? 2000: Casillas/Buffon/Kahn Cafu/Thuram Cannavaro/Nesta ???? Maldini/Lizarazu/Carlos Beckham/Figo Zidano/Guardiola/Scholes/Nedved Keane/Davids/Makelele Giggs/???? Zamorano/Ronaldo/Batistuta/Totti/Rivaldo Vieri/Inzaghi/Shevchenko/Raul/Del Piero There's probably a few missing so I'll let you older bunch fill them out. 2014: Neuer/Casillas/Buffon Ramos/Alves Silva/Pique Hummels/Dante Lahm/Marcelo Robben/Di Maria Iniesta/Schweinsteiger/Xavi Toure/Busquets/Vidal/Pirlo Ribery/Reus Ronaldo/Messi/Suarez Costa/Ibra/Cavaini/Falcao Looking at the two, I'd say the 2000 squad is comfortably better than what we have now. Messi and Ronaldo are better than anything from before, but looking throughout, to have Pique in that team, possibly Pirlo too, it just seems like there aren't as many world class players about.
Looks like they will go all the way.....sickening as it is. Its all going right for them. The fixtures, the run in, the rivals dropping silly points all points to them winning this league. Im sick at the thoughts of it but they've been excellent and deserve it. Cant see past them now.