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Most managers say they wanna get shit done before the World Cup. Doesn't seem to happen that way most of the time though as the parent clubs seem to prefer to gamble on the player having a good tourny a forcing the price up.
They're the closest thing to a footy manager save I've ever seen. They're becoming a bit of a joke. Each year it's a load of comings and goings both in terms of players and staff. Millions and millions spent and then after a couple years, when they're not winning everything, they flog them all and spend another feck load of cash on a brand new squad. This season once again started with so much optimism. Granted, Bale had gone but they spent all they received from that deal (and then some) on another bunch of shiny new foreign players and AVB had finished his settling in period and Spurs were ready to finally challenge for the league title..... 7 months down the line and their season has completely unravelled, once more. It must be something in the water at these North London clubs eh? They've seemingly written themselves out of challenging for 4th and can forget about any UEFA Cup glory after a humbling at home to Benfica. They've thrust a manager into the limelight who has clearly (and predictably) found the leap to Premiership management too large and, what's more, they seem dead set on appointing the daddy of all short term managers in the Summer (van Gaal) when what they really need is a sense of stability and security. Will they ever break this constant and ridiculous cycle? I suspect not with Levy in charge...
Just caught the end of the Spurs game and was surprised at how well Jermaine Jenas came across. Seems like a natural. So, on the back of that I've been inspired to create this thread for all things pundit related. Post away.
If you fancy a punt on the outright winner, then you need to get in quick, the odds are shortening on the top teams all the time. On Sky bet Bayern are now favourites at 15/8, Barca are just behind at 7/2, Real can now be had as a 4/1 shot, which must be worth a fiver. Of the two English clubs left in, Chelsea are 12/1, and United are 40/1. If you want to waste a fiver you can get Olympiacos 150/1 or Galatasaray at 300/1