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I think I am not on my own when I say modern day football has brought a lot of benefits. What with more TV coverage and better stadia. Personally, I'm not missing the tales of getting pissed on and having the shit kicked out of you like in the "good old" days. Not my idea of a day out to support your team. However, having said that what irks you about the modern day game or footballer? I'll start and its this. Socks above the fucking knees, I could never see Bestie or Charlton doing this. Don't hold back :moon:
Michael Owen getting a savaging on twitter for his crap boring commentary on the Liverpool Arsenal game. Surely BT have to bring in someone who isn't painful to listen to next season.
We creep ever closer. FL clubs have backed it and are now lobbying to MPs. Takes just one MP just put it to Cameron, and when he sees its popularity, he ain't gonna say no. Before long, when we see how successful it is in the FL, it comes to the PL, and atmospheres start returning and prices start dropping. If anyone is not 100% convinced on why Safe Standing is a massively important and beneficial thing for football, read the articles.
I thought I would start a thread just to share away day experiences. We all know United away days and fans are the best, simple fucking as. All you need to do is ensure the post at least includes Away versus Team on Date in the Title Feel free to add videos, pictures or just any particular experiences that you want to share with fellow UTD fans who maybe where not lucky enough to get tickets. Personally I'm always interested in away day stories. I'll dig out some posts for games I've attended. Hopefully we can build up a nice reference thread.