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  1. An unforeseen set of circumstances led to my first United game, and to me supporting the club for well over forty years to date.

    You could say that my supporting United was all thinks to an Austrian Corporal who rose to power in Germany during the late thirties and who we declared war on in 1939, it was really all down to him, if hadn't ordered the bombing of London and particularly the East End, things may never have got into motion.

    It was during that time my Nan took in a child refugee from the East End, her name was Kathleen, and she came to live with my grandparents in Herefordshire, they only had one child, my Father, and he was away in the army, so they had room in their two up two down cottage to give her a home.

    After the war, she never forgot my grandparents, even after going back to London, into her old age she would even visit, when she married a gardener in the late fifties, my grandparents and my Dad traveled to see get hitched.

    Then in 1968, my Nan fell ill, she had cancer, and Kathleen came once again to visit, I was eleven at the time, a couple of months later Nan died, My Dad, Mum and myself went to London, to talk to Kathleen, we arrived at her home, her husband Don was just off out to work, and rather than see me bored stiff, he offered to take me to see a football match where he worked.

    We got there about 5pm, he showed me all around the place, and left me in the rest room with a couple of his work mates, while he went off to do what he had to.

    Much later he came to fetch me, and let me out into where he had been working, I'd never seen grass that green before, or as neat and tidy, it was dark, but the whole area was being lit by big floodlights high up. He took me to the one end of the ground, and lifted me over a low wall, told me to stand there, and wait for him, gradually more and more people came into the ground, as it started to fill.

    One of the men behind me spoke to me, he had an accent I hadn't heard before, who 'd'ya support he asked, I looked at him strangely, then looked away.

    The teams were starting to file past me, the man nudged me again, if yer English you'd better support United,

    United who I asked, Manchester United he told me, the team in blue, so that night with a man I'd never met before my love affair with the greatest team started.

    The date was 29th May 1968, the place was Wembley, I had suddenly discovered that I had an Uncle who was on the groundstaff at Wembley Stadium, and while thousands waited outside hoping to get in "on the night" I had had the first ever "Wembley Stadium Tour" and had go tin scot free !