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  1. I think we have a good shout at winning the league. I read a lot of our rivals saying that everyone else has strengthened more than us but that's not true at all I don't feel. Here's a club by club run through of the teams I expect to be fighting it out for the top 4. The title will be between United, City and Chelsea.

    Manchester United
    Last seasons weaknesses that have been resolved.

    • Left Back was a massive source of goals conceded. Bought the best young leftback in the world and playing a new system with 5 at the back.
    • Midfield has been a huge problem for us for years. We've bought a top drawer centre midfielder, Fletcher is looking somewhere close to being back to his best and we are now playing with Mata as a third midfielder giving us a numerical advantage over everyone. Also think we'll still buy another player here.
    • Up front VanPersie was clearly not happy under the old regime. Now he's got a manager he loves and respects and a system that he and Rooney can both be top dogs.
    • The Manager. Last season we had a guy who was clearly not up to the job. Now we have a born winner with the tactical nous to take on the best in the league.
    • Too many games. This season unfortunately we are out of Europe, but as Liverpool proved last season that can be an advantage when it comes to the league. Less games = less injuries and burn out.
    Areas where we still need to strengthen.

    • Centreback is short of numbers and in my opinion a little short on quality. Again it looks like we will be sorting this problem out and the two young lads who played on the tour should provide decent cover.
    • We are hopelessly reliant on Herrera staying fir if we don't go out and buy another top midfielder.
    • According to the manager we don't have the type of wingers he wants to play a 433 meaning if someone does manager to come up with a template to beat the 3412 that we are employing we could be in trouble.

    Manchester City

    Last seasons weaknesses that have been resolved.
    • They've brought in Lampard and Fernando to the midfield but I don't see either of them as a big improvement on what they have.
    Areas they need to strengthen.
    • They really shouldn't have any given the money they spend, but they are still seen as weak at the back. Hart is prone to errors and loss of form and their back up keeper is rubbish. At CB Kompany is brilliant and to be fair to Demichelis he's improved a lot since the start of the season. Go deeper than that though and they are very weak at CB. This is an area teams will target


    Last seasons weaknesses that have been resolved.
    • Up front they have brought in Drogba and Costa and held on to Torres. They should be more of a thread than what was there last season.
    • Fabregas was a big signing for them. They now have the best midfield in the league and will be hard beat.
    Areas they need to strengthen.
    • Terry is old and Cahill is poor enough. If they in the league it will be despite their best CB pairing rather than because of them.


    Last seasons weaknesses that have been resolved.
    • They have bought an absolute top player in Sanchez. He will be much more direct for them and should be involved in a ton of goals.
    • Brought in Debuchy to shore up right back. He's a player who will add to this team and if he can pair up nicely with Sanvhez on the right they will be dangerous.
    Areas they need to strengthen.
    • It's still Arsenal. They will go off flying for the first few months then one of the big teams will crush them and it'll all fall apart. Not enough men.
    • Arteta is a poor player and he's going to play almost over game for them. Wiltshire and Ramsey are sick notes and Walcott is the most hit and miss player in the league. They have no real strength in depth.


    Last seasons weaknesses that have been resolved.
    • They'll not be as likely to racially abuse players or spread Rabies this season.
    • Bringing in Lovran could be a very good move.
    • They've added some depth to the squad which was much missed last season.
    Areas they need to strengthen.
    • Selling their best player and their top scored and replaced him with Lambert. They have done nothing to replace Suarez and they will bite them on the arse. Yes they play a nice system and good football, but without the key man they will absolutely be viewed as a weaker team by every team they face.
    • The back four is still so light on quality it's laughable.
    • Gerrard is old as fuck and despite all the rave reviews about him last year his powers are weakening.
  2. It's a strange one. The fact that there's not a single black manager in the top five divisions of English football would suggest that there's something inherently racist about the game. There's plenty of black ex pros now retired that played at the very top under the best managers and there must be a few of them who want to get a job in English football. I'm trying to remember all the black managers in the top flight. Ince, Houghton and did Barnes have a spell at Blackburn?

    It's seriously time for English football to implement the Rooney rule with is one f the most forward thinking pieces of football equality legislation that there has ever been. In the NFL for every top coaching position they have to interview at least one minority candidate. They don't have to hire them so positive discrimination and potentially handicapping a club by forcing them to hire an inferior candidate isn't on the cards. What it will do though is force the clubs to at least listen to the applications of those black ex players and coaches who want to get involved in football coaching.

    Honestly with the state of management in England right now it can only improve things. In the premier league now there's only a handful of English managers and you have to go down to sixth in the League to find one, Sherwood who is on the verge of being sacked, other than him there's only Pardew in the top half and he should have been sacked ages ago. Increasing the pool by including woman and minorities has to have a positive effect on the league.

    Time for the FA to take a real stand against racism and by extension sexism in football.