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I love the dude. If Mou goes to Paris after his initial 3 years, we should get this guy at whatever cost. He's the next big thing in my opinion (if he isn't already). Shades of Fergie in his approach to games. Excellent record with youth. Excellent approach to big games. Tactically astute. Gets results. Creates teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. Great at picking up a bargain. The only thing he lacks is a trophy to his name, but he's taken a mediocre middling Spurs team and improved them year on year.
Featured Thread Jose an Imperfect Storm
The furore and indignation following Manchester United’s goalless draw with Liverpool last Saturday could not have been anymore poisonous if Jose Mourinho had drop-kicked Ken Dodd into the Kop and then machine gunned all his Diddy Men as an encore. Mourinho’s tactics to negate the home side’s explosive style and attempt to win the game in the last half hour never came to fruition due to his opponent Jurgen Klopp being equally cagey and refusing to weaken a midfield, despite making three substitutions. Thus, blocking out United’s attempts with the frightening pace on the counter of Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard to steal the points late on. Overall, it was a point well-earned and the odd rant and rave apart, Garth Crooks and Oliver Holt come to mind, one appreciated by the many television ‘experts’ who now flood the game, some worth listening to, others a delight, then those who are so obviously stealing a living they should appear wearing balaclavas. When it comes to Mourinho’s footballing ideology and the notion that Manchester United should always play the game in a certain style, well it was always going to be clash supporters would have to come to terms with. However, time plays tricks with the mind and if something is repeated constantly to state a certain case, people tend to believe it. The truth being even at the height of his reign Sir Alex Ferguson could be equally pragmatic as his modern-day successor. Think back to 1996 chasing down Keegan’s (The entertainers) Newcastle and beating Liverpool in the FA Cup final. A treasure chest of 1-0 wins come to mind, many scored by a certain Frenchman, who in name, if not body remains present at every game United have played since he left. Take a bow Eric. Also, let’s not forget, before Saturday’s monumental ‘overblown’ epic bore fest, Manchester United had run riot in the goal charts with Romelu Lukaku rampaging and pillaging, looking money well spent. The fact Lukaku was...
Champions League Group stage Wednesday, 18 October, 19:45 Estádio da Luz, Lisbon
MATCH INFO : Germany vs Azerbaijan Highlights and Full Match Competition: WC Qualifications Europe Start Date: 08 October 2017 Start Time: 19:45 GMT Stadium: Fritz-Walter-Stadion Referee : Site: unitednreds.net
We've got quite a few into this particular hall of fame.