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We won 3-0 Most attacking team we’ve played in a while, and a debut for Diego Dalot, who did himself no harm at all, very competent throughout. Front 3 looked out of sorts, Rashford especially, would still like to see it more. Game time will give this front 3 a dangerous edge to it. Still playing one holding midfielder (Matic) with Pogba and Fred ahead, so that’s an attacking positive. When we hit 3 we shut up shop. In came Fellaini for Fred and Mata for Rashford. Instead of the straight swap we saw Fellaini sit and Matic went further forward next to Pogba. The next change saw Pogba replaced by Peirera and Fellaini then sat in between our CBs making us a back 3. Seen this a few times this season. Interesting formation changes that have so far seen us fade in games, it has been getting better and better though. We look much better with Pogba and Fred pulling the strings. Fred looks like a real talent.
Imagine my surprise there's no thread yet. We're playing well, the first half hour was sloppy but we're starting to gain confidence here.
Absolutely must win.
We just don’t care. Why should we when nobody else does? What do our fair weather fans from across the channel think? Or our fair weathers from shit holes like Rochdale was who have done a bunk. Absolute bunch of cunts.. won’t be missed. Only decent one about is Papi who genuinely gives a fuck, rest of you off islanders should be fucking ashamed. Cunts.